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Your character 👉 Koin Community Lead


Your Mission 👉 Use your passion for Koin to empower the Kotlin community.



Join the Koin Champions Program


Welcome to the Koin Champions Program

Become a Koin Community Lead and use your passion to help educate and grow the Koin community.

What's in it for you?

📣 Amplified Voice: Help introduce features and play a pivotal role in Koin's evolution.

🧑‍💻  Expanded Audience: Tap into Koin's community and enjoy a broader audience.

🏆  Exclusive Perks: Koin t-shirt 😉😜

📲  Joint Communication Initiatives: We'll share your posts on our social media platforms. 

🌍  Networking: Connect with other passionate Koin developers.


Meet our Koin Community Leads


Pedro Francisco de Sousa Neto 🇧🇷

We’re very happy to introduce Pedro, our very first Koin Community Lead from Brazil! Pedro has extensive experience in Android development, Kotlin, and of course, Koin. He’s super passionate, the personification of the open-source spirit. We feel really lucky to have him onboard. He’ll continue to use his expertise to support our Koin community in English & Portuguese.

Kashif Mehmood 🇵🇰

Welcome Kashif, our new Koin Community Lead from Pakistan. Kashif brings a wealth of knowledge from his experience as both the founding member and engineering manager at Markaz Technologies, and an active contributor to the open-source community on GitHub. His expertise in Kotlin and Koin, combined with a passion for community, leadership, and innovation, will no doubt continue to enrich our Koin community.

Pedro Santos 🇵🇹 (🇩🇪)

Welcome Pedro, our latest Koin Community Lead. Pedro’s day job is mobile tech lead at Mercedes-Benz in Germany. He’s got many years of experience in Android development and a deep expertise and passion for educating the Kotlin community about Koin. As busy as he is, he’s super keen to share his knowledge and elevate our community. Thank you so much, Pedro.

Ákos Holló-Szabó 🇭🇺 

Please welcome Ákos, our Koin Community Lead from Hungary! Akos specializes in AI and uses Kotlin and Koin to create innovative tools for logistic process optimization. He will use his unique approach and dedication to AI and open-source development to support our Koin community.

Matthias Geisler 🇩🇪

What can we say about Matthias - our newly minted Koin Community Lead. If you’ve met Matthias, you know he’s passionate about all things Kotlin. He tirelessly travels all over the world sharing this passion and deep knowledge to elevate the KMP community. He’s also organizing meetups in Berlin for Kotlin and Android, among others. We’re beyond excited he’s one of Koin's community leads.

Muhammad Khubaib Imtiaz 🇵🇰 

Introducing Muhammad, our Koin Lead from Pakistan!  With two years of Koin experience under his belt and a penchant for sharing his knowledge on GitHub, Muhammad is a valuable addition to our community. We’re very excited to have him on the team. Let's give him a warm welcome!

Jayant Kumar 🇮🇳

Meet Jayant, our latest Koin Community member from India! By day, he's a senior software engineer, but by night, he's a YouTube sensation, sharing his tech insights with the world. With his expertise and passion, Jayant is ready to rock our Koin community. Welcome aboard, Jayant!

Nimit Raja 🇮🇳

Introducing Nimit, a passionate senior software engineer from India! Nimit has a deep love for Koin and frequently shares his journey and experiences with it. Through his regular articles, he inspires and educates others in the community. We're thrilled to count Nimit as one of our new Koin Community Lead. Welcome aboard, Nimit!

Who Can Apply ?

We're looking for passionate Koin users who are committed to making a difference. To become a Koin Community Lead, you should:

              💛  Be passionate about Koin.

              💪  Have a strong presence on social media or other Kotlin platforms.

              👉  Share our values and commitment to a community-driven spirit and collaborative ethos.

              🧑‍💻  Be ready to collaborate and share knowledge in your community in your native language.

Are you ready to be a Koin Champion?

Apply now and let’s grow Koin together
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What happens next?

  1. Application Review: Our team will carefully review your application to understand your experience, motivation, and ideas. 
  2. Call Invitation: If your application moves to the next phase, you'll receive an email from us inviting you for a call to get to know each other more.
  3. Onboarding: Chosen applicants will be welcomed aboard with an onboarding session to get you all set up and ready to start your journey as a Koin Community Lead.

Our mission

Our goal is to promote the adoption of Koin by sharing knowledge with the Kotlin Community.

As an open-source DI framework for Kotlin, Koin thrives on its community-driven spirit and collaborative ethos. 

Koin's ethos revolves around simplifying the Kotlin developer experience in the field of dependency injection. Koin provides an intuitive understanding and management of dependencies and enables seamless scalability. With a gentle learning curve designed for the Kotlin ecosystem, Koin is committed to streamlining dependency injection, empowering developers to concentrate on creating exceptional applications with efficiency and ease 🔥

The Koin Champions program is at the heart of our mission, and we'd love for you to be a part of it.